Sagebrush Unroasted

Sumatra Mandheling SWP Decaf | Green Coffee Beans


Recommended Roast Level

Full City (Dark)

Tasting Notes

There is only one reason for me to offer multiple options for decaf coffee and it is this coffee.  It is a perfect Sumatran Swiss Water Decaf.  As I say with SWP coffee every time I drink it...I honestly don't understand how they can make decaf taste this good.  I'm not really an evening coffee drinker, so I only have this coffee about once a week, but when I do, I don't realize that it's decaf.

Earthy, heavy, rich Sumatran coffee.  That's it.  This coffee is delicious, bold, rich and smooth.  

About The Farm / Origin

This bean goes through a Swiss Water Process which uses water from the pristine environment of the coast mountains of British Columbia, Canada to gently remove the caffeine until the coffee beans are 99.9% caffeine-free, while maintaining the bean's distinctive origin and flavor characteristics. It's decaffeinated coffee without compromise. Coffee decaffeinated using the environment-friendly Swiss Water Process undergoes regular caffeine level audits to ensure compliance with 99.9% caffeine-free.


Roast Level: Full City (Dark)
Processing: Swiss Water Process (Decaf)
Region: Lake Toba, Aceh
Flavor Notes: Earthy, Herbal
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm Various
Altitude 1800m
Grade N/A
Caturra (Arabica)