Sagebrush Unroasted

Sumatra Mandheling Gr. 1 | Green Coffee Beans


Recommended Roast Level

Full City Plus (Dark)

Tasting Notes: 

Like many Mandheling coffees we have cupped in the past, this coffee has the perfect contrast of a smooth, full body and bold, complex taste. The warm flavors of maple syrup and brown sugar pair perfectly with the sweetness of dates. I discovered a subtle citrus acidity that adds a uniqueness to the coffee, unlike many Sumatran beans we have offered before.


The origin of Mandheling coffee as a geographical area in the highlands of North Sumatra, Bukit Barisan located around Mount Sorik Marapi and Gunung Kulabu, with an altitude of 1,000-1,600 meters above sea level, fertile volcanic soil types, wet climate and close to the equator. Mandheling Coffee (Mandailing) is one of the most famous specialty coffees in the world.


Roast Level: Full City Plus (Dark)
Processing: Wet-Hulled (Semi-Washed)
Region: Batak Region, Aceh
Flavor Notes: Brown Sugar, Dried Dates, Maple Syrup, Citrus Acidity
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm: Multiple Smallholder Farms
Altitude: 1500m
Varietal: Typica, Gayo, S-795