Sagebrush Unroasted

Rwanda Muhondo Simbi

Recommended Roast Level

Full City (Dark)

Tasting Notes

I always have a hard time describing Rwandan coffees.  They are complex like you would expect from a good African bean, but they are also subtle in their complexities.  Many people drink them and will say, "that's a great cup of coffee."  But not expand from there.  This one is a great example of that.  It has a nice clean dark chocolate flavor to it.  Slightly bitter, but not in a bad way. Creamy, but not really, not like a Colombian coffee.  Can it be bright and dark at the same time?  I think.  Regardless of how you slice it...this is a good cup of coffee.


Roast Level:
Full City (Dark)
Processing: Washed (Wet Process)
Northern Province, Gakenke District
Flavor Notes:
Dark Chocolate
Certification: Direct Trade
Muhondo Coffee Company 
Grade: 1

About The Farm / Origin

The country of Rwanda is a tiny little country in Africa.  It is directly south of Uganda placed between Burundi, Tanzania & Congo.  All of these are west of Kenya and Ethiopia.  Isn't that a great list of coffee producing countries?  Any coffee we've ever offered from Rwanda has sold out quickly.  I don't expect it with this one, because we ordered a ton this year, but you never know.  It is an amazing coffee from a great part of the world.

Situated in the Northern Province of Rwanda in the Gakenke district, Muhondo washing station became fully operated by Muhondo coffee company in 2013. It has an annual rainfall of 1200mm per year. The topography of this area is contributing factor to the coffee quality in this region. The coffee is fully washed using natural spring water from the mountains and sun dried. In the Rwanda Cup of Excellence 2015 Simbi came in 7th place.