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Matt’s Favorites Sampler 3-Pack



We have a wide selection of green coffee beans on our site, and as great as that is, it can sometimes be overwhelming for the customer. For this reason, we have created the "Matt's Favorites" bundle. Not only do we offer a better bang for your buck by offering 3 coffees at a discounted price, but we also make the hard decision for you. Perhaps, one of Matt's favorite beans to roast and brew will soon become yours! 

Coffees Included: 

Costa Rica Tarrazu La Loma Gold Label:

In my opinion, Costa Rican coffees have some of the best flavor profiles in Central America. When I tasted this wet-processed bean for the first time I was amazed at how juicy and sweet it tasted. Along with the citrusy brightness and nutty notes I often desire from a Costa Rican bean, this coffee has a smooth, caramelly richness that pushes through with each sip.

Kenya Kaguyu AA Gold Label:

Kenyan beans are always juicy and complex coffees. What makes this specific coffee special is the citrus fruitiness that pops out at you when you take your first sip. When we cupped this wet-processed bean for the first time, we were impressed with the bright, sugary mouthfeel. We chose to roast it light to showcase the tart and complexly fruited flavor notes. The taste of caramelized sugar and wafers adds a rich sweetness to the coffee that complements the grapefruit flavors perfectly. 

Ethiopia Dry Process Kebele Keramo Black Label:

When we are searching for a new coffee, descriptions like "fruit-forward natural Ethiopian" are the only words we need to become instantly hooked. What makes this coffee special is the complex fruitiness that pops out at you when you take your first sip. A big-bodied coffee with notes of red berries, tart cranberry, and rich, red wine. This is the ideal coffee for those who enjoy a vibrant, fruity cup!

Order them together and save!