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Guatemala El Milagro Black Label | Green Coffee Beans

Recommended Roast Level:

Dark (Full City Plus)

Tasting Notes:

Guatemalan coffees are always favorites of our customers. That's the main reason we have such a variety of Guatemalans available. This coffee marks something new for us as we are launching our first ever Black Label coffee.  Black labels can take on many forms.  Since Guatemalan coffees are our best sellers, we decided that we wanted (if good enough coffee came our way) to have a coffee for each classification.  We've been waiting a bit for a Black Label, but when I roasted this coffee as a dark roast, I was blown away!  This is the best 'dark' roast coffee I think we've offered in memory.  I'm really excited to see what you all think of it.

This newest coffee is a real treat. Milk chocolate pairs exceptionally with the almond nuttiness that we love from many Guatemalan coffees. A subtle peach finish adds the perfect brightness to the cup. The creamy body and clean mouthfeel makes this coffee an ideal morning brew.



Roast Level: Dark (Full City Plus)
Processing: Washed (Wet Process)
Region: Central America
Flavor Notes: Milk Chocolate, Almonds, Peach
Body: Juicy, Complex
Classification: Black Label
Brew Methods: Espresso, Drip, French Press
Country Region: Huehuetenango
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm: El Milagro
Producer: Juan Villatoro
Bourbon, Caturra
Altitude: 1700m

Guatemala El Milagro Coffee Production:

Juan Villatoro was a cattle farmer during the 1970's and early 80s and it was his father and brothers who were growing coffee. As Juan’s cattle business started to slow he began working in his father’s coffee nursery and found a passion for the work. Around that time his father gave him a small lot for coffee production and slowly he began purchasing neighboring land and planting it with coffee. Juan's wife Lesvia Martinez and his son Milton Villatoro Martínez both help manage the farm. They've faced many challenges over the years, from the 1987 natural disaster destroying his bodega and wet mill, to the constant challenge to control leaf rust. He is proud of his coffees, as well he has reason to be: Milagro is a favorite every year.