Fresh Roast

Fresh Roast SR500 Fluid Bed Home Coffee Roaster

The Fresh Roast line of coffee roasters is a welcome addition to the Sagebrush Coffee family.  We are always excited to find a new and excellent way to help our customers get the best cup of coffee possible, and this coffee roaster is a great place to start.  The 500 Model offers many of the same features as our 340 model, (such as 120 gram capacity) but with a few extra features that should excite both the new roaster as well as our more experienced customer.  The Three Temperature settings allow for adjustments from 490 degrees down to 390 degrees, allowing for maximum precision.  The fan speed can also be adjusted by the roaster to account for the changing weight of the beans over the course of the roast.  A higher learning curve will make a big difference in the quality of your roast!