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Ethiopia Daye Bensa Organic Gold Label | Green Coffee Beans

Recommended Roast Level:

City (Light)

Tasting Notes:

Normally I rave about natural processed Ethiopians, but this washed coffee stands out because it is just so good and juicy. As it cools, it resembles a delicious fruit juice, but hot it is delicate and floral. It has flavors of peach and dried apricot and finishes with a subtle sweetness like a nice clover honey. I found that this coffee truly shines as a pour-over brew!


Roast Level: City (Light)
Processing: Washed (Wet Process)
Region: Africa
Flavor Notes: Peach, Dried Apricot, Jasmine Tea
Body: Complex, Juicy
Classification: Gold Label
Recommended Brew Methods: Drip, Pour Over, Espresso
Country Region: Keramo Village, Sidama
Certification: Direct Trade, Organic
Farm: Keramo Village
Producer: Various
Varietal: Grade 1 Heirloom
Altitude: 2000m-2100m

Ethiopia Daye Bensa Coffee Production:

Keramo coffee is from a privately owned processing site near Keramo Village, tucked away in the Bombe mountains of Ethiopia's Sidama growing region. Along with coffee from their own farm called "Daye Bensa", they are buying and processing coffee from local farmers from three different growing areas nearby - Shantawene, Bombe and Keramo villages. The samples we tasted from all three village sites scored high and we bought wet and dry process lots from all of them (the others should be available early 2020). This lot is a mix of coffees harvested from their own farm and outgrowers around Keramo village. It's certified organic too, which means that they go to great lengths to register every small farmer who they buy from and certify that organic agricultural practices are being employed at the farm level (they're also Rain Forest Alliance and UTZ certified, but we only brought in with the organic certificate). The farm and outgrowers are growing Ethiopian heirlooms and altitude ranges from just under 2000 meters to 2100 meters above sea level.