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Recommended Roast Level

City Plus (Medium / Light)

Tasting Notes

Costa Rican Gold label coffees are among our all-time bestsellers, so any new coffee in that category has big shoes to fill.  This Costa Rican is delicious, and can certainly hold its own among some of our most popular Gold Label coffees.  The delicious flavor of cinnamon bread lends a bold sweetness to this coffee, but a hint of lemon lends a perfect balance of flavor... it's just sweet enough.  This coffee has everything you've come to expect from an excellent Costa Rican cup of coffee, but with a few surprises along the way.  We think you'll really enjoy it. 

Coffee Production / Farm: 

Hacienda Sonora is located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, at the foot of the world-renowned, Poas Volcano. The farm’s area is approximately 100 hectares, which is composed of 55 hectares of shaded coffee, 35 hectares of wild forest reserve, and 10 hectares of sugar cane. The average altitude is 1,200 m (or 3,900 ft) above sea level. Their coffee grows in an environment surrounded by exotic trees and other vegetation, providing a great condition for quality, as well as improving the chemistry of the already naturally rich volcanic soil. Thanks to the farm’s diverse ecosystem, many different species of birds and animals seek refuge in their land. All of the energy consumed by the farm is 100% renewable energy harvested on the farm. This energy supplies power to the coffee mill and provides a portion of free electricity for some of the people who live and work at the farm. The green energy is harvested from a natural water stream with a special turbine, known as a Pelton Wheel.

Venecia is natural mutation of Caturra, which was originated in Venecia of San Carlos, Costa Rica. These trees look like a dwarf version of a Caturra tree, and one of its main attributes is that the cherries get ripe very late into the summer. This allows these plots to be picked last; hence reaching a very high brix content that is reflected in the cup profiles of rich, roundly sweet-tart and deep florals that prevail in the long aftertaste.


Roast Level: City Plus (Medium / Light)
Processing: Honey Process
Region: Central Valley
Flavor Notes: Citrus, Milk Chocolate, Sweet Cinnamon Bread
Certification: Direct Trade
Producer: Hacienda Sonora
Altitude: 1200m
Grade: SHB
Varietal: Venecia (Natural Mutation of a Caturra)