Sagebrush Unroasted

Colombia La Guamera Natural Green Coffee Beans

Tasting Notes

Last time we had a coffee from Finca La Guamera, we offered it as a Gold label, because it was incredible, but I could only get a bag or two. When I sampled this coffee, I knew I had to get more than last time and I did.  I was able to get a premier coffee at a better price and offer what I'd call a Gold Label quality coffee without the price.  I'm excited to have this coffee at this price.

 As with any Colombian coffee, this is a creamy, smooth cup of coffee.  I'm a sucker for a fruited cup of coffee and this has a nice subtle strawberry sweetness to it.  I like to leave this one light and draw out the walnut finish.

Coffee Production / Farm:

We love the Finca La Guamera farm, because of the way they emphasize the preservation of natural resources.  They focus on the social responsibility to all those involved in the different production processes of the farm and to maintain and manage a reliable and traceable information, thus ensuring responsible production.  Although Colombia is the 2nd largest coffee producing country in the world, this farm doesn't fall prey to the mass production coffee that runs rampant in the country.  They work hard to make sure that our customers and the coffee community know they seek responsible coffee production.

Finca La Guamera is a farm owned by the Muñoz family and it is located in the hilly region of Caldas. Caldas is the leading coffee harvesting department of Colombia. The farm was disused until 30 years ago when many new farmers moved near La Guamera after the eruption of volcano Nevada de Ruiz. The farmers were new to growing coffee and would sell their freshly harvested coffee to the Muñoz family to be processed at their mill. Their foundation of coffee purchasing allowed them to develop a dry milling and export company named after the original farm, La Meseta. The farm continues to flourish and grow plump cherries that produce versatile, delicious coffee. 


Roast Level:
City (Light)
Natural (Dry Process)
Region: Caldas
Flavor Notes: Strawberry, Walnut
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm: Finca La Guamera
Altitude: 1500m
Grade: SHB
 Caturra, Castillo, Colombia