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Coffee Processing Sampler 3-Pack


In brief terms, coffee processing is the method used to remove the fruit from the bean. The way coffee is processed is essential to the overall flavor profile and is vital to a great cup of coffee. This sampler pack will allow you to discover the distinctions between the three main processing methods: Washed (Wet-Processed), Natural (Dry-Processed), and Honey (Semi-Washed/Pulped Natural). 

Washed: The pulp of the bean is completely removed before it is dried. The taste is bright, clean, and will involve more of the flavors unique to the beans' origin.

Natural: The beans are dried with the pulp and skin still attached. Since the fruit has ample time to seep into the bean, this process will produce a very rich and fruit-forward cup. 

Honey: This process is very similar to natural processed coffee, except the skin is removed before it is dried. This hybrid process creates a very syrupy body with a distinct sweetness. It is not as fruity as a natural coffee, but more complex than a washed bean. 

Coffees Included: 

Guatemala El Milagro Black Label (Washed):

Guatemalan coffees are always favorites of our customers. That's the main reason we have such a variety of Guatemalans available. This newest coffee is a real treat. Milk chocolate pairs exceptionally with the almond nuttiness that we love from many Guatemalan coffees. A subtle peach finish adds the perfect brightness to the cup. The creamy body and clean mouthfeel makes this coffee an ideal morning brew.

Brazil Minas Gerais (Natural):

This Brazilian coffee is a real treat. It is very nutty with the typical chocolate richness you would expect. There is a subtle sweet-fruited note to it, similar to dried fruit. The flavor of this coffee is rich and smooth, with a delicate acidity and cream-like body. The cup I brewed this morning was super delicious!

Honduras El Rodeo (Honey):

I keep going back to this point, but I still think that Honduras coffees are the best-kept secret in the coffee industry. They are generally more complex than a typical Latin American coffee bean, and yet they have the smooth, rich, and chocolatey notes that make Latin American coffee famous.  This is a more caramel-fruited version.  I have never used pomegranate to describe a coffee before and I am not sure I'm right, but its the best fruit that I can think of as I taste the just pure juiciness of this coffee.

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