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Coffee Processing Sampler 3-Pack



In brief terms, coffee processing is the method used to remove the fruit from the bean. The way coffee is processed is essential to the overall flavor profile and is vital to a great cup of coffee. This sampler pack will allow you to discover the distinctions between the three main processing methods: Washed (Wet-Processed), Natural (Dry-Processed), Honey (Semi-Washed/Pulped Natural), and Funky process. 

Washed: The pulp of the bean is completely removed before it is dried. The taste is bright, clean, and will involve more of the flavors unique to the beans' origin.

Natural: The beans are dried with the pulp and skin still attached. Since the fruit has ample time to seep into the bean, this process will produce a very rich and fruit-forward cup. 

Honey: This process is very similar to natural processed coffee, except the skin is removed before it is dried. This hybrid process creates a very syrupy body with a distinct sweetness. It is not as fruity as a natural coffee, but more complex than a washed bean. 

Funky: The funky processing method is a new and unheard-of twist to the classic and well-known methods of coffee processing, using fermentation to give a rare taste. The process was named ‘Funky’ by Stephen Leighton and has been referred to that ever since.

Coffees Included: 

Tanzania Peaberry Livingstone (Washed):

Tanzanian coffees have great complexity, richness, and sweetness. After we cupped a sample, we were blown away by the complexity and full body. We love the bold, chocolate notes in this coffee, mixed with the honey-like sweetness and juicy complexity we love most from an African peaberry. This is an ideal coffee for those of you that love thinking through the flavor notes. We found that roasting this coffee dark has made it shine!

Ethiopia Dry Process Kebele Keramo Black Label (Natural):

When we are searching for a new coffee, descriptions like "fruit-forward natural Ethiopian" are the only words we need to become instantly hooked. What makes this coffee special is the complex fruitiness that pops out at you when you take your first sip. A big-bodied coffee with notes of red berries, tart cranberry, and rich, red wine. This is the ideal coffee for those who enjoy a vibrant, fruity cup!

Brazil Irmas Pereira Honey Gold Label:

This coffee is not like the typical natural processed Brazilian beans that we have offered in the past. Instead, we have our first ever honey-processed Brazil, and it is exceptional! It is creamy, with a well-balanced body, and a bittersweet, richness of chocolate. This one has a nice, juicy blueberry or red berry sweetness and nothing pairs better with chocolate than berries. It is truly a great smooth, chocolatey Brazilian coffee!

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