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Recommended Roast Level

Full City Plus (Dark)

Tasting Notes

We seem to be turning our Brazilian coffees over very quickly these days.  I think it's just because it is a good year for Brazil because we outsell my expectations and then I find another amazing coffee.  This one has a deep chocolate-covered nut flavor with a nice balanced bittersweet finish.  This is a great coffee for espresso.

Coffee Production / Farm: 

We selected this lot from Fazenda Sítio Senhor Niquinho, the farm of Luiz Paulo, one of the founders of the coffee intermediary based in Carmo de Minas, who are responsible for organizing the farms in the region we buy coffee from. The farm is located in Carmo de Minas in the Mantiqueira Mountain area and is named in memory of Luiz' grandfather. Sitio Niquinho is situated on a sloping hillside that spans 1100 - 1500 meters, and has a mix of varietals, though this is a separation of Yellow Bourbon. It's a dry-processed coffee, meaning the whole coffee cherry is harvested and laid to dry for roughly 30 days before being run through dry hulling machinery in order to remove the outer layer of dried fruit and skin. This is the oldest processing method, and when done well, can yield fruited sweetness, as well as weighty bodied cup. Fazenda Sítio Senhor Niquinho is as fine an example of dry process Brazilian coffees as any we've tasted this season, fruit-forward in comparison to the pulp naturals we selected and a great option for blending as a sweet, fruited, bodied coffee component.


Roast Level: Full City Plus (Dark)
Processing: Natural (Dry Process)
Producer: Fazenda Sítio Senhor Niquinho
Flavor Notes: Chocolate, Pecan, Cherry
Certification: Direct Trade
Farm Luiz Paulo
Altitude 1100m-1500m
Region Carmo de Minas
Varietal Yellow Bourbon