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Matt’s Favorites Sampler 3-Pack



We have a wide selection of green coffee beans on our site, and as great as that is, it can sometimes be overwhelming for the customer. For this reason, we have created the "Matt's Favorites" bundle. Not only do we offer a better bang for your buck by offering 3 coffees at a discounted price, but we also make the hard decision for you. Perhaps, one of Matt's favorite beans to roast and brew will soon become yours! 

Coffees Included: 

Ethiopia Bombe Natural Organic Black Label:

When I'm searching for a new coffee, descriptions like "fruit-forward natural Ethiopian" are the only words I need to become instantly hooked. I love the complexity of Ethiopian coffee. I love the fruitiness of a good dry process, and I love the spiced finish of this coffee. Our newest Ethiopian bean is a great way to begin 2020. If I could describe this one in a single word it would be FRUITY! A big-bodied, coffee with notes of berries & cinnamon and an apple juicy-sweetness.

Flores Wawo Muda Jember Black Label

If you liked our Yemen coffee, you'll love this.  Sampling coffees from new countries (or in this case islands) is a weird task, especially when it isn't super common in the coffee world.  The coffee has to be good enough for us to educate ourselves and you all on the nuances of coffee from that island.  The coffee has to stand out to make it work.  I cannot believe it has taken me this long to offer coffee from this Indonesian island! After I cupped a sample, I was blown away by the complexity and full body. This Flores bean invokes notes of brown sugar and dark chocolate, with a definite herbal finish almost like a premium Silver Needle tea. This coffee is wild and unlike anything we have offered before. It is delicious as a drip or pour-over, but absolutely shines as an espresso! 

Tanzania Kilimanjaro Peaberry

Tanzanian coffees have great complexity, richness, and sweetness.  This one, in particular, is outstanding. I love the chocolate notes in this coffee, mixed with the honey-like sweetness and juicy mouthfeel.  This is a complex coffee for those of you that love thinking through the flavor notes. For the rest of you, you'll wake up in the morning and comment, "That is one good cup of coffee!"

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