Sagebrush Unroasted

Costa Rica Olman Aguilera Gold Label | Green Coffee Beans


Recommended Roast Level

City Plus (Medium)

Tasting Notes

I've been drinking this coffee every day for a week.  That is unusual for me, because we have so many types of coffees, that I'm constantly changing it up.  However, this is such a sweet and fruity cup of coffee, I just keep wanting more.  If you know me (or have read about my coffee preferences), you know that I'm partial to fruit-forward dry process coffees.  Most of those come from Ethiopia.  However, this Costa Rican is the best fruited coffee we have in the shop. 

Coffee Production / Farm: 

The Olman Aguilera farm is family owned and operated by Olman Aguilera Chaves. Located in Lourdes, Naranjo, Olman, his wife, and two children have dedicated their livelihood to the production and harvesting of coffee. During March-October, they do their fertilization process and at the beginning of November, a weed control is performed to prepare for the upcoming harvest. Up to 40 workers are hired each harvesting season. The vast amount of shade, nutrient volcanic soil, and moderate rain is perfect for coffee production. 

Once the coffee is harvested, it is taken to La Eva Mill where the coffee cherries are inspected, weighed, and washed with clean water. After, the cherries are laid on the patio to dry for 15-20 days and once the perfect humidity is achieved, the cherries are stored until export. The coffee peeling process is complicated and tedious, but necessary in order to produce an exquisite honey-processed bean. 


Roast Level:
City (Light)
Natural (Dry Process)
Region: la Isla, Naranjo, West Valley
Flavor Notes: Strawberry, Papaya, Banana Chips
Certification: Direct Trade
Olman Aguilera Family Farm
Grade: SHB
Varietal: Caturra, Catuai (Arabica)