Chemex Filters, 100 Count | Various Sizes


If you’re like us, and you love a pour over from your Chemex Coffee brewer, it’s only a matter of time before you will need another box of filters!  Manufactured and distributed by Chemex (as all Chemex filters are!), these filters are the only way to continue to get that deliciously bright Chemex.  We prefer the natural ones, so those are the ones we sell.  Don't forget to pre-soak.


The FSU-100 is the Natural Pre-folded Square filter.  This one is used for most Chemex brewers, including these two that we offer:  CM-6A | CM-8A


The FP2 is the Unfolded Half Moon filter.  This one is used for smaller 3 cup Chemex brewers, including this one that we offer:  CM-1C