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A Note From Sagebrush's Owner

Cold Brew coffee has gone from practically nonexistent, to seemingly everywhere, hasn't it?  Nearly every coffee shop offers it, and you can even find it bottled on the shelf of most local grocery stores. It's no wonder it has become so popular- Toddy cold brew is easy to use, inexpensive to brew, and the concentrate it makes is smooth, not bitter, and lasts a long time.  There is one thing we have noticed though- to make a good batch of coffee concentrate, you need to start with a great coffee.  May we humbly suggest adding a bag of Sagebrush Coffee to your new Toddy Cold Brewer order?

Shipping Note:

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About the Toddy System:

During the cold-brew process, time replaces heat. Todd Simpson, a chemical engineering graduate of Cornell, and who developed the Toddy cold brew system, discovered that high temperature facilitates the release of undesirable flavor elements.

A roasted coffee bean contains many compounds that are extracted during the brewing process. Some of those compounds, including certain oils and fatty acids, are soluble only at a high temperature. During the cold brew process, coffee beans are never exposed to high temperature (this only occurs after a rich liquid coffee concentrate has been produced).

Deceptively simple, cold water brewing extracts the delicious flavor compounds (and some of the caffeine) from coffee beans, but leaves behind myriad bitter oils and biting fatty acids, including undesirable elements such as ketones, esters, and amides.

These are the same bitter acids and fatty oils that surface to the top of your hot cup of coffee, and give hot-brewed coffee that familiar 'bite' (thus the reason that some 8 out of 10 people attempt to soften the acidic taste by adding milk or cream to their coffee).

The cold brew process creates a perfectly balanced and distinctively smooth cup of coffee - served steaming hot or iced cold. You're invited to taste the Toddy difference: the same taste that has delighted coffee drinkers for nearly 50 years.

Tech Specs:

  • Note: You will need a full 12-oz bag of coffee for one batch of Toddy Cold Brew.  However, this batch of coffee concentrate will last at least 2 weeks in your fridge.
  • What's in the box: Brewing Container with Handle, Glass Decanter with Lid, Reusable Filters (2), Rubber Stopper (1), Instructions & Recipe Guide
  • Click here for the instructions
  • Click here for the recipe guide