2020 Holiday Shipping Schedule

The Christmas Season is Approaching Quickly

     One of the reasons for our move at this time of year was to prepare for the holiday rush. I remember last Christmas season we were so thankful to have extra help, and we were still buried. We worked around the clock to get orders out, and I'm not sure how we survived it. Every year we have had to close our last shipping day a few days early to support the demand. I feel like this year will be different, but we will see.

     USPS has this year's recommended shipping date for Christmas delivery on 12/19. I encourage you to select that date when you check out unless you can upgrade to FedEx. If you choose to upgrade, FedEx is showing a 12/22 recommended shipping date.

     Our plan is to work backward. If you request 12/19 as your shipping date, we will do our best to ship your coffee that day. But if we fill up, we will back it up to the 19th or even the 18th. Our #1 goal is to get you your coffee by Christmas.

     This process will work on a first-come, first-serve basis, so get your order in soon. If previous years are any indication, we'll have to put up a note on the website that says we can no longer guarantee Christmas delivery, and I would hate to do that to you all.

Holiday Shipping "Order By" Dates

Tuesday 12/15 Brewer Home Delivery
Thursday 12/17 Early Shipment
Friday 12/18 USPS "Play it Safe" Date
Saturday 12/19 USPS Suggested, FedEx "Play it Safe"
Tuesday 12/22 FedEx 2 Day Suggested
Wednesday 12/23 Probably Too Late Unless You Live in AZ